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Project: Dominic & Paige's House

Date: May 20, 2011

House Details: Two-story house in Simpsonville, SC, that has a room above garage

Problems: Upstair rooms always hot in the summer, room above garage unbearably hot, seemed loud upstairs due to inadequate sound barrier

Solutions: Installed a radiant barrier, new insulation, air sealing and duct sealing

Analysis: The radiant barrier is particularly important on this home because the duct work is located in the attic, which means their HVAC system had to work overtime to cool the house. As cooled air traveled through the duct work, it was actually being heated due to such high temperatures in the attic, which meant the system had to stay on longer to bring down the temperature inside the house. The radiant barrier, along with air sealing and added insulation, acts as a cap on the house to keep hot, unconditioned air from radiating into the home and to keep conditioned air from seeping out.

Results: After the first day of our work, Paige told us that she immediately felt a difference in comfort upstairs. Dominic told us he could tell a difference in how sound was traveling from downstairs into his bedroom. He said it seemed quieter upstairs. We will check back with Dominic and Paige in July to find out how much energy they're saving.

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Scott Kelly, President of Carolina Heating Service

I first ran into Dean at a customer house several years ago. He was doing an energy audit where I was upgrading the HVAC system. Dean had recommended some upgrades to the home which greatly reduced the customer’s utility bill.