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Insulation plays an integral role in increasing your comfort in both winter and summer, lowering your utility bills, reducing outside noise, and improving your indoor air quality. However, many homes here in Upstate SC are under-insulated. Over the last few years, we have never seen a home that was not in need of insulation as per the Department of Energy code requirements; South Carolina building code calls for 33% less than their recommended amount.

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Whether your home is lacking sufficient levels of insulation, or your existing insulation has deteriorated over time due to moisture or pests, now is a good time to consider a home insulation upgrade. Benton Green Energy offers comprehensive home insulation services, including insulation removal, attic insulation, blown cellulose insulation, and radiant barrier installation.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Insulation Removal

Old insulation often contains waste from pests such as squirrels, birds, or mice, as well as dirt, pollen, and multiple other pollutants from years of exposure to the elements. We have experienced technicians who can use a state-of-the-art extraction machine to remove the old insulation in your attic spaces, removing potential allergens and other sources of indoor air pollution safely and quickly. This noticeably improves indoor air quality and also fully exposes the attic space, allowing us to tightly air seal the various exposed openings in a home's ceiling, making your home more efficient.

High Performance Upgrades for Your Attic & More

After we air seal a customer's home, we follow up by installing new, high grade, high efficiency blown cellulose insulation. Blown cellulose is eco-friendly and offers impressive thermal resistance as well as fire resistance. This makes it an especially effective type of insulation for your attic.

In addition to upgrading your attic insulation with blown cellulose, we recommend installing a radiant barrier along the roof rafters and attic walls. A radiant barrier acts like a cap on top of your home, working hand in hand with cellulose insulation to stablize indoor temperatures.

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Think it may be time to install new insulation? Don't hesitate — give us a call today or contact us to find out how we can help your home better serve you.

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