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Many homeowners in Upstate South Carolina are quick to blame their air conditioner or furnace when they aren't as comfortable as they'd like to be; but did you know the solution for greater indoor comfort could be just over your head?

Attic insulation is one of the most important home upgrades you can make for year-round comfort and energy efficiency. At Benton Green Energy, we help homeowners throughout Upstate South Carolina feel more comfortable and save more money on their energy bills with expert attic insulation solutions.

How Attic Insulation Works

The attic is the area in your home where the most heat gain and heat loss occurs. In the summer, outside heat seeps in, forcing your air conditioning system to work harder (especially if you have ductwork in the attic). In the winter, valuable indoor heat rises into the attic and escapes through the roof. As a result, you feel less comfortable inside your home all year long, and your energy bills are significantly higher.

Attic insulation resolves these issues by controlling heat flow into and out of the attic. It keeps unwanted heat out of your home in the summer and valuable heat down in your living spaces in the winter. When your attic is insulated properly, you can expect benefits like:

  • More stable indoor temperatures
  • Increased overall indoor comfort
  • More efficient home heating & cooling
  • Less wear & tear on HVAC equipment
  • Greater savings on your energy bills

Our Comprehensive Insulation Process

At Benton Green Energy, we take a comprehensive approach to upgrading your attic insulation. Once we understand exactly what your attic needs, we'll begin by safely removing old or damaged insulation. Then, our team will use fire-rated foam to seal air leaks that lead into your attic and, if needed, install an Attic Tent® insulation cover over your attic hatch for added efficiency. We will also install a radiant barrier if necessary to reflect excess heat in the summer.

Once these important steps are complete, our team will install high performance blown cellulose insulation along the attic floor to the level that is recommended by the Department of Energy. We favor cellulose over fiberglass insulation because it is made from recycled materials and can be blown into cavities as small particles for more even distribution.

If you wish to utilize your attic for storage, our team can also install platforms for easy and safe attic storage.

Benton Green: Your Insulation Contractor in Upstate SC

Homeowners in Greenville, Simpsonville, and Spartanburg have trusted Benton Green Energy with their home insulation needs for years. Because we are a full service home performance company made up of building science experts, you can trust our work to maximize your home comfort and energy savings the right way. We can even connect you with energy efficiency rebates and incentives that your insulation project is eligible for.

If you think it may be time to upgrade your attic and are looking for a trusted local insulation contractor, get in touch with our team!

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