As a full service home performance company serving homeowners in the Upstate South Carolina area, we understand how important it is for a home to be comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy efficient. Our insulation work and other retrofit services are all targeted at helping your home achieve these important standards.

Improving your home with insulation is more affordable than you might think, thanks to local rebates and our partnerships with local utility companies. If you’re a homeowner in Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, or the surrounding area, find out below which rebates you may be eligible for.

$250 Rebate from Duke Energy

Through the Duke Energy Smart $aver program, Duke Energy customers who complete a qualifying attic insulation and air sealing project can qualify for a $250 rebate. Plus, your upgrade will deliver the usual benefits of upgraded attic insulation — such as reduced drafts, more consistent indoor temperatures, and lower heating and cooling bills.

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Benton Green Energy is a participating contractor with the Duke Energy Smart $aver program. To qualify for this special rebate, start by getting in touch with us about your attic insulation upgrade. Our team will help you verify that you are eligible and submit all necessary paperwork as we complete your project.

$200 Rebate from Laurens Electric Cooperative

Laurens Electric Cooperative offers a similar rebate for attic insulation and air sealing. Through the LEC Home Rewards Program, Laurens Electric Cooperative customers can qualify for a $200 rebate for attic insulation and air sealing.

As a participating contractor with the Home Rewards Program, we can help you receive this valuable rebate when you improve your attic. Simply get in touch with your team, and we’ll start improving your attic for greater comfort and energy efficiency. Customers must submit an application on the LEC website. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about the program.

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Receive a rebate of up to $250 when you insulate and air seal your attic. Contact us or call 864.492.1344 today to learn more about local rebates.

Receive up to $250 for your attic upgrades.

Get in touch with our team to start saving.


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Hey Dean! I wanted to let you know that the insulation in the room over our garage is working great! It was 87 degrees outside today, and the thermometer we had in the room read an arctic 71 degrees -- right where my wife likes it. Thanks so much!