Blown in cellulose is a highly effective, environmentally friendly insulation solution. Made from recycled newspaper and treated with borate for fire retardancy, blown in cellulose offers an even distribution which makes for a high performance insulation solution.

Blown in cellulose has come into increasing favor among green builders and building energy efficiency experts. Here are a few reasons we often install blown in cellulose insulation in attics and exterior walls here in Upstate SC.

Environmentally Friendly

Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper, making it an earth-friendly insulation material. You can also rest assured that it's a safe product to have in your house — no formaldehyde, no harmful chemicals.

High Thermal Resistance

Blown cellulose has as especially high thermal resistance rating, or R-value, compared to other types of insulation. This makes it that much more effective at keeping valuable heat inside your home during the winter and unwanted heat outside of your home during the summer.

Consistent High Performance

Because cellulose is blown into cavities as small particles rather than installed in batt form, it is far less likely to come with gaps and air leaks around the edges. This means you get consistent high performance for a cozier, more energy efficient home.

Fire Retardant

Cellulose is treated with the flame retardant borate, which is highly effective at slowing down the spread of fires. A house that is insulated with blown in cellulose insulation is safer from a fire-hazard standpoint than an uninsulated house.

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Effective Insulation for Attics

For all the reasons listed above, blown cellulose is an especially effective insulation material for the attic. By upgrading your attic insulation with blown in cellulose, you’ll gain access to valuable benefits like improved home comfort, increased fire protection, and greater energy bill savings.

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