Greenville is one of South Carolina’s most beautiful cities, and it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call the area home. But no matter where you live, high utility bills in the winter seem to be a constant. South Carolina residents typically utilize more energy during the winter, and understanding why this occurs can help you to avoid high energy bills once the colder days ahead finally arrive.

Why do Energy Bills Increase During the Winter?

Winters in South Carolina can be quite harsh, the approaching months will inevitably see most residents spending more time indoors. Our heaters will be running, the TV and lights will be on, the refrigerator is constantly being opened for never ends! Like it or hate it, winter will almost always cause an uptick in energy usage. The goal is to learn how to work with this, and it often comes down to improving home performance and getting your home back on track.


Many people avoid looking closely at home performance because they fear they won’t be able to pay for upgrades. Fortunately, improving home performance is less costly than you might think, and it helps to have a basic understanding of what type of work commonly needs to be done.


Common Home Performance Issues

In discussing the types of home performance problems that tend to have negative effects on energy efficiency, there are a few major examples that come to mind. Poor quality insulation, for example, can make it difficult for your home to maintain comfortable temperatures and keep conditioned air inside at all times. In the winter when the temperature differences are so drastic between outdoor and indoor air, faulty insulation can result in greater air exchange that can be costly when you are trying to heat your home.


Even the best insulation will fail if the home is loaded with cracks and leaks from poor air sealing. Proper air sealing can ensure that your warm conditioned air stays inside where it should be this winter.


Finally, outdated heating equipment can cause you to spend far more on your monthly energy bill than is necessary. If your furnace is working overtime, but you don’t feel any warmer, it is time to call Benton Green Energy to find the best option for furnace or heating system replacement.


Looking to control energy usage in your Greenville home this winter? Call Benton Green Energy! We’ve got the knowledge and experience to take your home performance to the next level, regardless of how large or small it maybe. We’ll work to develop a plan that will fit your needs and get your home back on track quickly and effectively.


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Jim S.

My gas bill last month was $92! And that includes the cost of hot water -- last year it was almost $300 and the house was always cold! Thanks for doing such a great job.