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Old insulation may contain fecal matter from pests such as squrriels, birds, or mice, dirt, pollen, and multiple other pollutants from years of exposure to the elements.  We have experienced technicians who can use a state-of-the-art extraction machine to remove the old insulation in your attic spaces, removing potential allergens and other sources of indoor air pollution safely and quickly; this equals noticeably better indoor air quality for your home.  This process exposes the attic space fully which allows us to tightly air seal the various exposed openings in a home's ceiling, making your home more efficient.

Over the last few years we have never seen a home that was not in need of insulation as per the U.S. Department of Energy code requirements; South Carolina building code calls for 33% less than their recommended amount.  After we air seal a customer's home we follow up by installing new, high grade, high efficiency stabilized cellulose insulation to increase your comfort in both winter and summer, lower your utility bills, help reduce outside noise, and greatly improve your indoor air quality.

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