For many Greenville, SC homeowners, the concept of the energy audit is something that can cause a fair amount of confusion. What is it, exactly? Do you have to share any personal information? Is it invasive? These and other questions are not uncommon, and fortunately, there are clear answers to all of them. Here, you’ll find an outline of what to expect from a home energy audit and how your home can benefit from conducting one. After all, the most important thing to recognize is that an audit truly is the first step towards a healthier, more efficient home.

Energy Audit: The Process

Your home is a complex organism made up of a variety of different types of systems, all of which work in tandem with one another to create an energy-efficient home environment. A home energy audit is essentially an assessment to ensure that there are no issues affecting home performance and that everything is working properly. We’ll take an in-depth look at your home’s building envelope, mechanical systems, appliances and lighting, all the while ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle or overlooked.


From there, we’ll report our findings, providing you with a snapshot of the current conditions of the home and its current energy usage statistics. Recommendations will be made about what type of work will best benefit your home, and we’ll provide a full breakdown of costs and potential savings.

What’s Next?

After the energy audit has been completed and a clear plan has been presented, it’s time for us to get to work. We’ll focus on any “weak spots” that might characterize your home, be it poor insulation, a lack of air sealing or a troubled HVAC system. By making valuable fixes in these and other areas, you can expect to enjoy a marked boost in both energy efficiency and home comfort.


At Benton Green Energy, we know that home performance matters year-round, which is why we believe it’s so important to conduct a thorough home energy audit. Our team of home performance professionals will answer any questions you may have, walking you through the process the entire time. The more you understand the process, the more empowered you’ll be to continue on your journey towards enhanced energy efficiency.


Winter is here, and it’s time to focus on home performance so that you’ll be ready for a warm, sunny spring. Contact us today to learn more and don’t miss our limited time offer of a $99 home energy assessment!

Together, we can transform your home into a healthier, safer, more affordable place to live for you and your family.

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