Indoor air quality (IAQ) is always a concern for homeowners. Whether building a new home in Greenville or evaluating your current one in Asheville, mitigating IAQ issues is a central factor of occupant health and comfort. Clean air is beneficial for everyone’s health, but is especially crucial for to those with asthma or other respiratory conditions. At Benton Green Energy, we are proud members of the industry-standard Indoor airPLUS program for safe indoor air.

What is Indoor airPLUS?

Indoor airPLUS is a partnership program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is designed to improve building IAQ. Building on the EPA ENERGY STAR requirements, this program outlines construction practices and product specifications that minimize dangers like pollutants and unwanted contaminants in indoor air. By providing comprehensive IAQ protections for new homes, Indoor airPLUS is invaluable for indoor air safety.

The program’s construction specifications include the selection and installation of various units, including:

Why Should You Be Concerned?

There are more pollutants in your home than you may realize! Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize the number of detrimental pollutants that have infiltrated their homes. Things like mold, dust, pollen, bugs, and other contaminants can leak into the home and go largely unnoticed. If your combustion systems are not properly sealed or insulated, things like chimney or furnace gases may also be circulating around your home.

That’s where we come in.

Not Sure Where to Start? Give Benton a Call

At Benton Green Energy, we are fully trained in Indoor airPlus standards and guidelines, and are equipped with superior knowledge of indoor air quality remediation. We’ll inspect your home to make sure it is compliant with the airPLUS guidelines, and can suggest strategic upgrades to make sure your North or South Carolina home’s IAQ is safe for you and your family.

Don’t let poor air quality harm your health. If you are thinking of building a new home in the area, or already have, call Benton Green Energy today and ensure your family’s safety!

Together, we can transform your home into a healthier, safer, more affordable place to live for you and your family.

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