There’s no getting around the fact that today’s homes are more energy efficient than those of the past. Much of this surely has to do with advancements in technology and in the contracting world, but there’s an unsung hero involved here that often gets overlooked — energy codes. Energy codes make homes more energy-efficient by setting minimum legal standards that must be followed in the construction process. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has set the standard for home performance, and Greenville, SC residents are benefiting heavily as a result.

Energy Codes: Past and Present

Understanding just how far we’ve gotten with energy codes requires you to step back in time slightly. Take a look at homes built in the mid-1980s and compare them with the homes of today. In many cases, you’ll find that older homes tend to suffer energy efficiency problems like poor air sealing and weak insulation far more than recently built homes. It can’t all boil down to improvements in the home performance sector, however. More importantly, it has to do with the adoption of stricter energy codes, which have higher standards than those of the past.

Take your home’s building envelope, for example. Today, testing for air leaks is mandatory in order to properly follow IECC standards. Just 30 years ago, this type of testing was not required. No wonder so many older homes suffer from consistent air leakage! R-values for ducts and insulation have also increased, further promoting energy efficiency and making today’s homes less damaging to the environment.

Energy Codes and Home Performance

Home performance and energy codes are undeniably tied together. Stronger energy codes mean that contractors must adhere to strict guidelines that promote energy efficiency, which in turn means that newer homes are built with true home performance in mind from start to finish. This not only has a positive effect on the environment, but it means you can expect to pay less on your monthly energy bill and enjoy the spoils of increased home comfort.

At Benton, we offer code testing for builders and homeowners, including the following:

Because of stricter energy codes, home performance across South Carolina has improved tenfold over the years, and at Benton, we’re passionate about adhering to guidelines that promote increased energy efficiency. To learn more or schedule a home energy audit, contact Benton today

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