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Hey Dean!   I wanted to let you know that the insulation in the room over our garage is working great!  It was 87 degrees outside today, and the thermometer we had in the room read an arctic 71 degrees -- right where my wife likes it.   Thanks so much!
South Carolina Customer
In regards to timeliness, customer service, and quality: “Dean took the time to explain the ingredients in his products and what the results would be. His workman were pleasant, respectful, and effective workers. I'll be recommending you to my friends and neighbors! Thanks again!”
Jim S.
My gas bill last month was $92!  And that includes the cost of hot water -- last year it was almost $300 and the house was always cold! Thanks for doing such a great job.   Jim S.
Fred, Tryon, NC
In regards to Benton Green Energy's customer service, timeliness, and quality, Fred from Tryon says: "Terrific job. James and Matt were top notch. Thanks."
Kevin and Meghan
Quality Excellent Scope of project involved removing old attic insulation, air sealing attic, installing new insulation in attic beyond basic recommended levels, air sealing leaks from basement to living space, air sealing duct work, HERS rating, and calculating appropriate HVAC size. All work was completed in timely manner. Response from contractor was quick. Work was performed well. No complaints. If you are considering adding/updating your insulation you should go through Benton Energy and not the normal contractor network. Quotes from normal insulation providers were roughly the same in cost, but they could not provide the additional benefit of air sealing, providing… (read more)
Rachel Vann, Greenville
Dean did an energy audit and air sealing job on my house last year, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. After the air sealing was complete and I installed some additional insulation in the attic, I am now enjoying a little over 50% savings, and my house is much more comfortable, particularly in the summer, when, before, my air conditioning struggled to beat the 100+ degree temperatures.  Dean followed up with me several times after the air sealing was complete to make sure that I was seeing significant savings, and make sure the house was comfortable. Once, when he had some workers in the neighborhood… (read more)
Scott Kelly, President of Carolina Heating Service
I first ran into Dean at a customer house several years ago. He was doing an energy audit where I was upgrading the HVAC system. Dean had recommended some upgrades to the home which greatly reduced the customer’s utility bill. Since that time I have used and recommended Dean and his company Benton Green Energy on numerous occasions. In each instance we were more than satisfied with the results. Dean is very knowledgeable and offers solutions that save the customer money on their utility bill and increases the comfort level in their home. I will continue to recommend Dean and his company to my friends and customers. - Scott… (read more)
From Katy McIlvaine, Gear Solar
  Dean Benton has been a great asset to SC in bringing innovative ideas for improving energy efficiency in residential and commercial projects statewide. I would highly recommend Dean Benton for evaluating your home or business. His knowledge and expertise in conservation is his greatest attribute. I worked with Dean and The Upstate Homeless Coalition on a 100% Green Home in downtown Greenville, SC. My company, Gear Solar, provided the Solar Energy Collectors for hot water for this affordable and energy efficient home. I look forward to working with Dean on future projects and consider Benton Green Energy and  Gear Solar  partners for a greater cause.
Aliza T.
If you are looking to hire a professional to perform an energy audit of your house and/or to do energy efficient retrofits to your house, you would be a fool not to hire Cherish and Dean Benton of Benton Green Energy. They are not just experts in their field, they don't just have the most current equipment for energy testing, they don't just show up on time and do work in a timely manner, they are personable to the point that it feels like friends are working on your house. They also explain tests, results, and recommended remediating measures to you in an easy to understand - yet thorough… (read more)
George H., Greenville
"I have noticed a difference in the house.  The house heats up quicker and now takes longer to cool down.  I did check my bill history and this time last year was much colder than it has been this year, but my bill is over $100.00 less this year (from $200.00 to $96.00). I'm sure that savings is because of what your team did to my house and a little to do with the warmer temperatures we have had this year.  That said, the house is now how itshould have been from the beginning.  Thank you and the team for all the hard work.  My only mistake was… (read more)