There is no denying that having solar panels on your roof boosts curb appeal. Add in the fact that solar will drastically shrink your carbon footprint, and the product almost sells itself! But without a properly functioning, efficient home, it can be difficult to properly size the solar photovoltaic system your home needs. If your home has excessive air leakage, for example, your HVAC systems will be forced to work overtime to provide a comfortable home, meaning your energy consumption is more than what it potentially could be. Benton Green Energy offers professional air sealing and high-performance insulation to help your HVAC system operate at maximum efficiency.

When’s the best time to explore solar? Check out solar power after the Benton team completes your home performance upgrades, since your home will be working more efficiently and you’ll be able to get as much out of the clean energy system as possible. An efficient home with a green energy solution is the perfect combination for the environmentally responsible homeowner.

Rebates & Incentives

Take advantage of the numerous incentives and rebates for switching to solar. These incentives, along with the 30% Federal Tax credit for going solar, can help you enjoy immediate money and energy savings. But they might not all be around this time next year, as we saw with the 35% Tax Credit in North Carolina in 2015. If you have been on the fence or even just exploring the option of solar, it's important to utilize all available rebates before it’s too late.

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