Airkrete insulation is perhaps the finest insulation available today for many reasons. With an r-value of over 6 per inch, airkrete is the equivalent to closed cell foam in that respect.  It cannot burn, so a home using it is safer if a fire should occur.  Pests and insects can't live it, mold can't grow in it, and with no chemical additives people with environmental sensitivities don't have a problem with it.  It is a phenomenal sound attenuation medium, so good that Neil Young used it in his recording studio! The MGO proponent of it even removes CO2 from the air!  So if you want the finest insulation for your new home or want to retrofit the walls or ceiling area of an existing home and want the best, call us about Airkrete today: 864.492.1344 local.


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Jim S.

My gas bill last month was $92! And that includes the cost of hot water -- last year it was almost $300 and the house was always cold! Thanks for doing such a great job.