For a lot of Greenville homeowners, saving money each month is a top priority. It can be difficult to get ahead, especially when it comes to monthly bills. Utility bills can be overwhelming at times, especially when your AC is constantly cranking. What many people don’t realize, however, is that one of the best ways to save on utility bills is to actually perform home performance upgrades. With new financing options from GreenSky Credit, these services will save you money quickly.


Looking to save money this fall on your energy bill? Here are a few tips to help you move in the right direction.


Start with a Home Energy Audit

In any scenario where you’re trying to reduce your monthly energy bill, the best way to start is with a home energy audit. A home energy audit is kind of like a visit to the doctor, except for your home. It provides us with everything we need to know in order to prescribe recommendations about what work should be completed in order to fix the issues you’re experiencing and reduce your monthly energy bill. We’ll work with you and your budget to come up with an action plan that will help you to get back on track, regardless of what issues may be at play.


Get Rid of Dirty, Thin Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important elements of maintaining a comfortable home. A lot of people think that it only matters in the wintertime, but this isn’t the case. When it’s sweltering hot outside, you don’t want your conditioned air escaping, which is exactly what happens when your home is outfitted with old, dirty and thin insulation. Upgrading to high performance insulation can make a world of difference and get rid of any home performance issues you may be experiencing.

Don’t Forget Air Sealing

Insulation surely matters, but it’s only effective if combined if your home isn’t filled with small cracks and leaks. Even the best insulation will fail under these circumstances, which is precisely where air sealing comes in. Air sealing your home will take care of any cracks and leaks that are allowing conditioned air to escape and unconditioned air to enter. Most importantly, it’s a reasonable fix that can bring mountains of potential savings to you and your family. If you want to experience true savings on your utility bill, air sealing is an essential piece of the puzzle.

These Services Can Pay For Themselves

With new financing options through GreenSky Credit, our services are now more affordable than ever. The monthly payments can often be made with the money saved through the home performance upgrades the we perform - especially with winter approaching. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and to schedule an appointment. 

Together, we can transform your home into a healthier, safer, more affordable place to live for you and your family.

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