When you think about it, there are a variety of different aspects of the home that people are likely to overlook on any given day. We often take it for granted when things work the way they’re supposed to, and it’s not until various issues arise that we actually realize how well we have it. This is especially true of ductwork. When was the last time you paid attention to the health of the ducts within your home? If you’re having a hard time answering the question, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, duct leakage is a fairly common problem faced by many homeowners in the Greenville area, and its repercussions are more problematic than you might think.

How Duct Leakage Occurs

In attempting to understand duct leakage and why it occurs, it’s helpful to think of your home’s ductwork as its lungs. When things are tightened-up and working well, you don’t usually experience any noticeable side effects. The thing is, ducts can leak for a variety of reasons, especially as a home ages. Some leaks can be so small that you can barely notice they’re there at all, but the associated issues are typically just as bad. What’s most important to realize about duct leakage is that it’s not going to get better on its own, and intervention is often necessary if issues start popping up.

Duct Leakage and Home Efficiency

Your home is a system, and its ducts play a very important role in home efficiency. When ductwork starts leaking, a multitude of problems can result. For one, you may end up getting dry, dirty air recirculated throughout your home, thus having a strongly negative effect on indoor air quality. This isn’t where the issues stop, however. Duct leakage can affect home performance to a large degree, which means that those who live in homes with leaky ducts are likely spending far more on their energy bills each month than they should be. Even moderate duct leakage will reduce the SEER rating of an AC from 13 to 9!

Clearly, something needs to be done if you’re currently experiencing duct leakage.

Benton Green Energy Can Help

At Benton, we understand duct leakage and are well-equipped to deal with any issues we encounter. Incentives are available, and we’ll help to determine exactly which path will best fit your budget and needs. For more information and to schedule a home energy audit, contact us today.

Together, we can transform your home into a healthier, safer, more affordable place to live for you and your family.

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