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News - attics

I know 98% of you don't have enough ceiling insulation

How do I know that?  Because the Department of Energy recommends attic insulation for the Greenville Climate zone of R-49 or more.  They base this on our particular climate, weather patterns, building construction, and energy costs.  Even if your home is brand new the code requirement for our area is an R-30.  This is because the lobby for the South Carolina Home Builders Association lobbies to keep new home construction costs down.  As a result, even a brand new home has approximately 40% less than what is needed to make your home energy efficient!  Imagine if your house is fifty years old, like mine, and has never had any more insulation installed since it was built.  We see this weekly.  A home like this will often have the equivalent of R-10 or less, or one FIFTH of what is recommended by the DOE!