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How Air Sealing can Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Pesticides

There’s nothing worse than living in a home that constantly gets infiltrated by bugs. Many people have been in these shoes, however, and it’s often a constant battle trying to find ways to eradicate the issue. Eventually, most people turn to pesticides, believing that they’re the only solution for getting rid of intruding pests. While pesticides may make a difference temporarily, they don’t get to the root of the issue and can be dangerous for families with pets and small children.

Instead of pushing the problem under the rug, it’s important to take measures to fix what you’re dealing with so that it doesn’t continue to get worse. Air sealing can often be the solution you’re looking for, and it’s easier to get moving than you might think.

Pests, Pesticides and Home Health

Home pesticide use is quite common in the Greenville area. After all, summer pests can be difficult to control, and if you have air leakage occurring in your home, the problem can go even further. To assume that pesticides are safe to use within a home is irresponsible, however, as many contain harmful chemicals that affect indoor air quality and can be poisonous to both pets and humans alike. Pests themselves can carry bacteria and germs, however, so you can’t just allow them to run rampant. It can seem like there’s no real answer as to which is the best path to take, but the truth is that pesticides are not the solution you should be looking for.

How Does Air Sealing Work to Get Rid of Pests?

The way that pesticides work is to get rid of the problem once it starts. What people often overlook, however, is that this has no bearing on preventing the problem from starting altogether. It’s important to understand where pests are coming from in the first place—outside of your home. Often, they invade the home through tiny cracks that are typically found in the floors of a home. As cracks get worse, so too can pest infestations. At one point, you may find that you have no other option than to use pesticides to control the swarm.

When you air seal your home (especially around plumbing and wiring bypasses), outdoor pests don’t have a way of making it inside. What this means is that the problem you’ve been using pesticides to control disappears, and you’ll never have to worry about controlling an infestation again.

We pride ourselves at Benton Green Energy on doing the best work possible and helping out customers to live comfortably and pest free. To have your home analyzed for air leaks, call us today and schedule an appointment.


Home Air Sealing

To get fresh and healthy air, we need to take care of our home indoor air quality. It helps to improve the energy efficiency of our home and also helpful in reducing the need for pesticide. Most probably due to lack of quality air sealing in our home, we are facing bug problems quickly. Therefore, we need pest control in our house. So it is quite better to improve the indoor air quality of the home to skip bug and pesticides problems.

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