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Ways to make your home cooler in the summer

Hidden heat sources in the home often translate to really hot living spaces, as well as unnecessarily high energy bills, throughout the summer. Simple fixes like switching to energy efficient lighting (much more important than you might think) and insulating water pipes can make a world of difference.

For example, the uninsulated water pipes in the photo below may look innocent enough, but if you look at the infrared image of the water pipes you can see that they're dumping heat into the home, contributing to high energy bills and an uncomfortable house!

In addition, we often treat our client's windows, seal ductwork and service air conditioners, and install radiant barriers to reduce the cooling loads in homes throughout the upstate.  Call us today, 864-492-1344 and tell us what you are experiencing to see if we can help.

uninsulated water pipes infrared image, hot water pipes