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How to make Home Performance Contracting practically FREE with our new program!

This handy infographic from One Block Off the Grid provides a helpful rundown of the potential savings in energy efficient home improvements.

Although we believe the best home energy upgrades are often the simplest -- air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, etc. -- this graphic nonetheless makes a sound case for investing in home energy efficiency.

And with our new loan program you can finance a BIG retrofit for your home without shelling out the entire amount up front.  As a matter of fact, the savings you realize will probably be as much or more than the payment, in essence making the whole project FREE for the life of the loan.  After that the savings go into your pocket.  You end up with a more energy efficient, more comfortable, quiet, and safer house with better indoor air quality and for NO additional money than you are spending now.  Call us TODAY to schedule an audit.  If you contract with us to do the work the cost of the audit is free as well: GET STARTED NOW: 864-492-1344

home energy infographic


Utilizing biomass energy

Since, the government has initiated the Green Deal Scheme, you may seek help with funding a new boiler and get benefitted.

Home Energy Efficiency

We should improve a home condition while taking care of the home air quality system, energy efficiency system, and insulation and sealing system. Due to lack of knowledge about home improvement, we fail to develop our home condition, so we need an expert suggestion for home improvement. This informative info-graphics also provide some crucial information about home energy efficiency. Thanks for this wonderful information it will definitely boost our knowledge.

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