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How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Indoor Air Quality.

air qualityWhat does indoor air quality have to do with home energy efficiency? More than you might expect.

Many of today's homes are plagued with poor indoor air quality due to the combination of poor or insufficient ventilation, and other common building problems including moldy basements.

During a comprehensive home energy audit with a qualified energy auditor, your auditor will address indoor air quality issues within the larger scope of the project. Issues like moisture and mold will be addressed, ventilation will be measured and analyzed, and a plan to improve indoor air quality if the current air quality is poor will be developed.

Prior to the last version of Energy Star (version 3.0 which went into effect 1-1-2012) there was no requirement for ventilation, so there are a LOT of very tight homes out there with inadequate ventilation, having a possible adverse impact on the homeowner's health.  On the other hand, many older homes have very high amounts of infiltration and duct leakage which also cause problems for the occupants.  At Benton Green Energy we can find problems in your home, fix them, and even prevent them from coming back-guaranteed!

For more information about how a home energy efficiency contractor can improve your home's indoor air quality, contact us at 864-492-1344!