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Infinite R

Infinite R is a new building product that Benton Green Energy is incredibly excited about! This material is built around one of the fundamental properties of nature; materials tend to absorb heat when they melt, and release heat when they solidify. When applied to your existing structure, this will absorb heat or air condition the building during the daylight hours, and release heat at night providing year round comfort. What does all this mean? Increased savings on monthly bills and more comfort in your own home!

How does this get installed in my home?

Infinite R can be installed in a variety of different ways depending on the construction of your home. Benton Green Energy is equipped and has the know-how to customize the right application for your home.

Pitched Roofs
Flat Roofs


Technical Specs:

  • Thermal Capacity: 100btu/sf
  • Phase Change Material: Mineral Based/Inorganic
  • Temperatures: 65F (18C), 69F (21C), 73F (23C), 78F (25C), 84F (29C)
  • Dimensions: Standard 16" & 24" wide X 48" & 96" long
  • Latent Heat: 86 btu/lb
  • Specific Heat: 1.35 btu/lb
  • Thermal Conductivity: ~0.16 W/ft/K Liquid, ~0.33 W/ft/K solid
  • Thickness & Weight: 0.25" thick; 1.1lbs/sf
  • Flame Spread: ASTM E84|UL723 - Flame 5, Smoke 10
  • Permeability: ASTM E96 - 0.08 (grains/hr*ft2inHg)

This phase change material is extremely effective at sealing your home's envelope and insulating for years to come. Stop adding layers and putting on the wool socks during winter and go with a safe, healthy home insulation solution.

Contact Benton Green Energy today to get started or to purchase this for yourself!