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Cellulose Insulation Upgrade


How you can get a $1,000 insulation upgrade for only $250!

The professional team at Benton Green Energy is here to help you save! It comes as no surprise that proper insulation is valuable in the winter season, but it is equally important during the warmer months. The same home envelope that keeps you warm in the winter also keeps you cool in the summer! Proper insulation and air sealing is the most important thing you can do for you house.

We will add up to r30 to existing insulation or air seal AND insulate to r20 above the existing setup. For jobs under 1,200 square feet, we can apply the Duke rebate of $250. There is also a $500 tax credit for home performance upgrades. These two in unsion can save you $750!

Cellulose insulation is not only great at keeping your home working well, but it is also chemical free AND flame retardant. Spray foam insualtion has great performance, but it requires you to leave the premesis for a designated amount of time due to off-gassing. Our team will be in-and-out in 2 hours, leaving no trace other than increased comfort and savings!